Sunday, June 10, 2012

What"s the best edit-in-place plugin for jQuery?

I need an edit-in-place plugin for jQuery but there are quite some around. I've been testing jeditable ( ) but it lacks some basic options (like hover effect). I also found JEIP ( ) which has recently been developed but comes with much more settings.

Which plugin do you prefer for edit-in-place functionality?

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  1. I've been using Editable in testing. We haven't rolled live with it, but it does what we need so far.

  2. Jeditable is pretty flexible. You specify whether you want a input, text area, or select list as the edit control.


    Simple, has hover-over, keyboard controls, and intelligent defaults (e.g., onblur submits).


    i wrote this because i had pretty much the same issues as mentioned above.

    it gets around them via:

    event methods options (choose,
    hover, mouseover click etc.)
    decouples the ajax to give you complete control over posting and
    data (just use the callbacks, which gives you better flexibility for
    specific posting conventions e.g. for frameworks like django or rails)

    this is active as well so any feedback you have gets integrated very quickly! : >

  5. sorry, jquery-in-place-editor is not that flexible. its a good start but using it with rails (i guess with other languages/frameworks to) is a pain.

    you can't change the request type (its always POST). you cant dynamicly change the params (you can specify a string but only on initialisation NOT when you submitting the form)

    i had to modify it a lot to do sth like:

    $(".component_header span").each(function(){
    var $that = $(this)
    url: "/components/""_")[1]+".js",
    params: function () {
    var value = $that.find('.inplace_field').val()
    return {"component": { name: value }, authenticity_token: FORM_TOKEN }
    type: "PUT"

    i'am almost happy with that, but there are some other issues (error handling) i will work on that before i put my app to public.

    unfortunatly the code is on google code, so couldn't fork it...

  6. I wrote an unobtrusive framework-agnostic RESTful jQuery script that supports in-place-editing and works for inputs, textarea, selects and checkboxes.

    Give it a try: jQuery in place editor

  7. Still playing with this, but so far so good:

  8. I say ..jquery-in-place-editor ( is easy to code and flexible