Sunday, June 3, 2012

Standard Android menu icons, for example refresh

The Android SDK offers the standard menu icons via android.R.drawable.X . However, some standard icons, such as ic_menu_refresh (the refresh icon), are missing from android.R .

Is there any way to get the original icons, maybe by extracting them from the applications? I already checked the Android source, but it's a bit too huge to look everywhere for the images.

I know the Android Drawables website, but I would like to get the correct hdpi , mdpi and ldpi version, preferable the original ones.

Source: Tips4all


  1. Never mind, I found it in the source: base.git/core/res/res and subdirectories.

  2. Bear in mind, this is a practice that Google explicitly advises not to do:

    Warning: Because these resources can
    change between platform versions, you
    should not reference these icons using
    the Android platform resource IDs
    (i.e. menu icons under

  3. Maybe a bit late. Completing the other answers, you have the hdpi refresh icon in:


  4. You can get the icons from the android sdk
    they are in this folder