Sunday, June 3, 2012

List of Facebook error codes

I'm looking for a list of all Facebook can return when you try to fetch infos using Graph API. Can anyone help?

Facebook returns a 400 HTTP error, and a JSON content like:

"error": {
"type": "OAuthException",
"message": "Invalid OAuth access token signature."

I'm searching the different returns of the same kind it is possible to get.

Source: Tips4all


  1. Facebook used to have this published somewhere, but for whatever reason it was removed. But you can find the full list here:

  2. I found this page, with OAuth error codes:

  3. It seems there is no such list of error codes for the moment. If you want Facebook to hurry and publish one, you can vote for the following bug on Facebook's bugtracking:

  4. In case Takwing's copy ever comes down, here's another copy:

    These codes were primarily for the REST API, but they do also come up with the Graph API. Some of the Graph API calls have underlying FQL calls that return the FQL error codes. And the direct FQL queries are still part of the currently accepted API.

  5. I am trying to keep an updated list of error codes based on previous outdated information.

    You can find the repo here and it has been updated with Test User and Credit Error codes from the Facebook Documentation.

    Currently looking for the constant name for "Error Code 2500" and some error descriptions may have changed. I hope to keep on top of this.