Monday, June 4, 2012

Integrating FaceBook, Twitter, Social networks in Android

Integrating Multiple Social networks into Android with a single common Framework or API or JAR

For iPhone we have ShareKit, which integrates multiple sharing options in one framework.

For android i have no idea if something similar exists. I am building an application which shares information to social networks, like some posts and tweets. Its a simple game, where gamers publish updates about their achievements and levels.. etc.. I used Facebook and twitter APIs but they take up lots of memory and difficult to manage. Also i cannot handle them efficiently. Any help on how to integrate them would be appreciated.

I would like to have a few suggestions on this..

Another Example seems PinkelStar


Source: Tips4all


  1. I found it after a lot of discussions with many developers.
    sociallib is the only reliable one.

    It allows to integrate

    Google Buzz

    This is the best solution i have found.. Thanks...

  2. If it's simple enough the best way will be to use Share intent.

  3. Android uses an extensible architecture based on Intents. The preferred way is to hook into that framework, instead of trying to support every social network directly in your app as you're asking. One advantage is that new social networks and new APIs will be supported automatically. See:

    How to share web application with facebook, twitter etc

  4. If you are making a game, then I recommend Scoreloop's Social API They've been pretty good with keeping up with the API and being a one stop shop for simplifying some game related elements.

  5. @AndroidKid, check out Socialize -- It's new (didn't exist when you asked the question) so I don't know if you still have the need, but would love to know what you think about it if you give it a try.


  6. If you are looking at social media integration in an Android game, I'd recommend you take a look at Skiller SDK as well. It provides good support for leading social networks and the SDK seems real easy to use. For reference, look at their TicTacToe sample