Friday, June 1, 2012

Facebook graph API - OAuth Token

I'm trying to retrieve data using the new graph API, however the token I'm retriving from OAuth doesn't appear to be working.

The call I'm making is as follows;

$token = file_get_contents('<app_id>&client_secret=<app secret>');

This returns a token with a string length of 41. To give you an example of what is returned I have provided below a sample (converted all numbers to 0, all capital letters to 'A' and small case letters to 'a'


I take this access token and attach it to the call request for data, it doesn't appear to be the correct token as it returns nothing. I make the data call as follows;


When I manually retrieve this page directly through the browser I get an 500/Internal Server Error Message.

Any assistance would be grately appreciated.


I've since changed the method from file_get_contents() to curl. By retreiving the headers I get the following error message ...

{"error":{"type":"OAuthException","message":"Missing client_id"}}

but my post array includes 'client_id'?!

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