Friday, June 8, 2012

Facebook - Changing a photo caption via graph api

How to change an image caption on Facebook using PHP? This is the way i used to upload it:

$facebook->api_client->photos_upload($file,$aid,'some caption',$uid);

Any hints? Thanks.

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  1. The Open Graph API does not allow such an option.

    It is possible to upload the photo with a new caption, but it looks as if the user has to approve the addition of a photo to his album, and I'm not sure that part is automatable.

    If you want further explination try reading This question.

    I may be doing something wrong and should not answer as link to same question exists on the comments, but i just thought it's an answer and no one posted it.
    If i shouldn't have done that, comment and i'll delete or author delete question.
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