Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pre-installed Linux for Web Developers?

Does anybody know an ISO image of a up-to-date Linux distribution aimed at web developers with one, some or all of the following features:

  • LAMP stack readily set up (Readily installed Apache 2, virtual sites directory structure (hosting), PHP installed, mySQL installed)

  • Ruby/RoR set up for a beginner to start with

  • Subversion set up for multiple repositories

  • Firewall configured for functioning as a web server (Port 80 open, not much else)

  • Python and Trac installed and integrated with Apache (Multi-environment capable)


I have a powerful new workstation and would like to set up a number of virtual machines for testing, development and version control, preferably on Linux. The machines will not be exposed to the public.

I would like to save as much installation and set up work as possible - setting up everything from the above list would cost me weeks if I'd do it alone.


I have had to put this on the shelf for the time being due to other, more pressing projects. The suggestions made are already a brilliant list; I'm putting a bounty on the question to try and gather as much input as possible, so this can be the reference question on the issue for future generations.

I will be awarding the bounty either based on popular vote or on a whim, from what looks the best solution to me.

Source: Tips4all

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