Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is Hibernate an overkill for an Android application?

I'm looking for a good ORM for my android application and at first glance it seems like for a mobile device I would prefer to use something simpler maybe. The thing is I'm just assuming here with no real evidence, so I thought I would ask the community's opinion (maybe there's is someone that has been through the experience). It is a fairly large(for mobile) application and will be run on a dedicated tablet.

What does everyone else think ? Is Hibernate too much for an android application ? Will there be performance problems ?

What would you use instead if you think it is too much ?

I am aware there are other questions asking for alternatives, but I decided to ask since most of those questions simply assumed it was an overkill and asked for other options and I started wondering "Is it really and overkill ? Why ?" Due to my lack of experience I simply think it it, but can't really provide an answer if I'm asked to explain why. Is it performance ? Is it too much configuration (Which I don't mind) ?


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  1. Just for posterity, I'd like to recommend ORMLite. It was designed to be much less heavy compared to Hibernate (and iBatis). I think that Hibernate is too much for Android applications -- especially considering the size of the code and the number of dependencies.


    The Android port of ORMLite makes direct calls to the Android database API. A number of applications have been delivered using ORMLite successfully. Hibernate provides a number of features that cannot be supported by the Android database calls so you will be paying for complexity that you cannot even use. I'm also not sure it has a native Android backend. Using SQLite over JDBC is not officially supported by Android and I was unable to get it to work reliably.

  2. Yes it is & others have searched for alternatives.

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    Pick yours. :-)

  3. There are quite a few questions similar to yours already. Start with:

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