Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to send FormData objects with Ajax-requests in jQuery?

The XMLHttpRequest Level 2 standard (still a working draft) defines the FormData interface. This interface enables appending File objects to XHR-requests (Ajax-requests).

Btw, this is a new feature - in the past, the "hidden-iframe-trick" was used (read about that in my other question ).

This is how it works (example):

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(),

fd = new FormData();

fd.append( 'file', input.files[0] ); 'POST', '', true );

xhr.onreadystatechange = handler;

xhr.send( fd );

where input is a <input type="file"> field, and handler is the success-handler for the Ajax-request.

This works beautifully in all browsers (again, except IE).

Now, I would like to make this functionality work with jQuery. I tried this:

var fd = new FormData();

fd.append( 'file', input.files[0] );

$.post( '', fd, handler );

Unfortunately, that won't work (an "Illegal invocation" error is thrown - screenshot is here ). I assume jQuery expects a simple key-value object representing form-field-names / values, and the FormData instance that I'm passing in is apparently incompatible.

Now, since it is possible to pass a FormData instance into xhr.send() , I hope that it is also possible to make it work with jQuery.


I've created a "feature ticket" over at jQuery's Bug Tracker. It's here:

I was suggested to use an "Ajax prefilter"...


First, let me give a demo demonstrating what behavior I would like to achieve.



<input type="file" id="file" name="file">

<input type="submit">



$( 'form' ).submit(function ( e ) {

var data, xhr;

data = new FormData();

data.append( 'file', $( '#file' )[0].files[0] );

xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); 'POST', '', true );

xhr.onreadystatechange = function ( response ) {};

xhr.send( data );



The above code results in this HTTP-request:


This is what I need - I want that "multipart/form-data" content-type!

The proposed solution would be like so:

$( 'form' ).submit(function ( e ) {

var data;

data = new FormData();

data.append( 'file', $( '#file' )[0].files[0] );


url: '',

data: data,

processData: false,

type: 'POST',

success: function ( data ) {

alert( data );





However, this results in:


As you can see, the content type is wrong...

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  1. I think you cant do it in ajax to support all the browsers, I might say good to check this ajax uploader plugin to see how they have done it

  2. Here's some working code for FormData

    and the Mozilla FormData Documentation

    oh and here's one for jQuery

    Hope this helps